Press Release: New service for Chinese guests – Payment with Alipay now possible in casualfood stores at Frankfurt Airport

casualfood is now offering a service specifically for its Chinese guests: they can conveniently pay in all casualfood stores at Frankfurt Airport using the Chinese payment system Alipay. In addition to the payment function, the Alipay app features a marketing channel with special offers for its users as well as a store finder. The technical implementation of Alipay was handled by epay, a specialist in electronic payments and gift cards as well as prepaid solutions, by means of interface integration into the existing Addipos cash register system. Additional casualfood stores at other German airports are set to follow.

“The number of Chinese people travelling to Germany or to other countries in western Europe via the Frankfurt Airport hub continues to rise. With the Alipay app, we are making it easier for Chinese visitors to pay at the airport and are offering them a service that they are familiar with and trust,” say Stefan Weber and Michael Weigel, Managing Partners of casualfood GmbH.

Last year, more than 12 million tourists from the Far East came to Europe. Around 1.7 million Chinese tourists travel to Germany alone each year, spending an average of around 500 euros per holiday day merely on retail shopping. Alipay is therefore growing rapidly in Germany.