Press Release: Focus on sustainability – casualfood launches its own sustainability brand

  • All restaurants and stores switch to compostable cups for hot drinks
  • Uniform branding for all consumables to conserve resources

casualfood is committed to sustainability. The company is leading the way in the travel catering sector and launching its own sustainability brand with the slogan “POP – Protect our Planet”. In the future, all of the firm’s efforts to enhance sustainability with regard to “PEOPLE, PLANET & PRODUCTS” will come under this brand.

Compostable cups and uniform branding to conserve resources
casualfood has already enhanced sustainability by launching pilot projects with the RECUP deposit system and the initiative. Now, it is taking the next steps. In another clear commitment to a sustainable way of thinking and acting, the travel catering firm is making exclusive use of the fully compostable Earth Cup for hot drinks at its restaurants and stores. Unlike other cups, this mono-material cardboard cup has a plastic-free coating. This means it can be fully recycled with waste paper or even composted at home. The cup is made in Europe (France) to the strictest quality and food safety standards. Its manufacturing process also has less of an impact on the environment than the production of other types of cup.

Furthermore, the travel catering firm is conserving resources by using the “POP – Protect our Planet” branding on all consumables, such as the new hot-beverage cups, across its portfolio of catering and store concepts. Later in the year, this branding will also appear on consumables like paper bags for baked goods/sandwiches and carrier bags, instead of the name of the respective outlet. There are plans to take other steps to enhance sustainability.

Stefan Weber and Michael Weigel, Managing Directors of casualfood:
“We’re proud that casualfood has long since added to its reputation for innovative concepts by becoming a pioneer in the development and use of sustainable options. Ever since we started the company, this issue has always been very important to us,” says Stefan Weber. “To underscore and further develop our focus on sustainability, we decided to roll out our own brand dedicated to sustainability. Called ‘POP – Protect our Planet’, it aims to show that casualfood is wholeheartedly dedicated to sustainable corporate governance now and in the future, and will keep working on this issue moving forward. We have also set up a permanent, interdepartmental sustainability team at the company to redouble our efforts,” Michael Weigel adds.

casualfood – sustainable from the start
casualfood is aware of its responsibility and has taken a comprehensive approach to sustainable corporate governance ever since it was established in 2005. It focuses on sustainable products and supply chains, close collaboration with primarily regional suppliers, offering numerous choices for healthy eating, and ensuring that packaging is constantly optimised and designed to be sustainable. On top of all this, the company is a fair, attractive employer which is committed to diversity and equal opportunities and also prioritises occupational health and safety.

The casualfood website now has a separate section devoted to sustainability at This contains information about all related activities and developments. The company also plans to publish its first sustainability report this year.