Be casual!

    Passion and fun

    Is waiting not your thing? Do you want to join us right away, get down to work and give it your all? Sounds good to us! We’ve been waiting for you. We live for and are passionate about food services and good retail, and we like to do everything we can for our guests. We need people like you who share our passion and see every day as an opportunity to demonstrate what they are capable of. Rest assured – you will see plenty of action with us and will have a whole lot of fun too!

    Team and community

    Together, we can do anything! You will soon see we are a super team. The strengths of each and every employee are important to us. We will help you get off to a flying start with us. Experienced co-workers will show you the ropes and assist you, and you can ask questions and raise issues at any time – from one person to another.

    Get on board and work your way up

    When you join us, we will do everything we can to allow you to develop further with us. We believe in you and will strengthen your career and interpersonal skills. In order to join us, you should have some experience in the food services sector or in retail. If that’s the case, there’s nothing standing in the way of your working your way up through the ranks at casualfood!

    recruiting date

    Save the date! Applicants can drop in on us unannounced at Frankfurt Airport totally casually every Wednesday to find out more and perhaps even go home with a great job under their belt.

    especially for you

    We offer some great extras! We treat our employees at all of our locations to discounts on meals and drinks, bonus services and tailored training. In Frankfurt, there’s even a JobTicket for the public transport network for each and every employee.

    casual training

    We will help you develop! Our regular internal employee training courses and special events will help you deliver perfect casualfood performance. We will also happily support you with external further training, for example to acquire an instructor’s licence, a business administration qualification, etc.!

    staff recruit staff

    It pays to have good friends! Do you want to recommend somebody as a new member of staff? As a thank-you, you will be rewarded with a 150 euro bonus.

    casual apprenticeships

    Trainees welcome! Be casual – start your career with us. If you have questions concerning our apprenticeship opportunities, write to us at: