Snack carts:

Snack & roll – the mobile sources of revenue

Our snack carts are flexible catering units which we use wherever travellers have an appetite for a freshly made snack when they are on the go. A large choice on a minimum of space. Thus, sales potentials can be fully exploited where conventional catering is unrealizable.

Convenience stores:

Shop & go – the travel all-rounders

First of all, the traveller saves time in our convenience stores. They are the right place for people who want a quick coffee or snack or who want to do a bit of shopping. Convenient and neatly arranged: The customers find everything they need in one store – at airports, stations and motorway service areas. The range comprises one-stop and takeaway products, travel needs, food souvenirs, snacks and drinks, sweets and groceries, cigarettes, phone cards and magazines. The compilation of the assortment and the shop size are completely flexible and adjusted to the conditions.

Fast casual bars and restaurants:

Stay & enjoy – the oases of pleasure

Our fast casual bars and restaurants offer everything guests in a hurry can wish for: an inviting atmosphere, select dishes, a freshly drawn beer and a wide choice of drinks. Whether you prefer takeaway, self service or rather waiter service – everything is possible!

At home where people are travelling

Airports, stations  – casualfood can be found wherever people are on the go. Today, locations have to meet many requirements. Here, casualfood, with its modular concepts, is a perfect partner. Our convenience stores, fast casual bars and restaurants and snack carts perfectly adapt to all the given local conditions.