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we are now able to look back on a year of the coronavirus pandemic. As travel catering specialists, it goes without saying that we have also ‘taken a hit’ – after all, we are in two of the most affected industries. Nonetheless, we are looking confidently towards the future and hoping for a swift revival of the catering and tourism sectors.

We are already well prepared for the ‘new normal’; our catering concepts and convenience stores are perfectly equipped for the restart.

In addition, we are currently testing the innovative Yoordi ordering platform at Frankfurt Airport. And our smartseller joint venture with Gebr. Heinemann is entering the next phase. Managing director of smartseller, Karl Niendorf, reports on the current status of the project and further planning measures. 

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The ‘new normal’ after the coronavirus pandemic
We are often asked how things will continue at casualfood after the coronavirus pandemic. Extensive safety and hygiene measures will undoubtedly still be with us for a long time after we reopen. We are ready: extensive concepts have long since been devised and are being constantly updated; to this end, we are giving our employees regular training. In our catering outlets and convenience stores there are constant rapid tests for all our employees, digital menus, disinfectant points, QR codes that open our drinks menus on customers’ devices and contactless payments. The seating areas are partitioned off by Plexiglas screens, while there is a disinfection concept for tables and menus. We are looking forward to being able to welcome our guests back to our restaurants soon. For the time being, we will of course be guided by the plans at the gates while the travel restrictions continue.
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The future at a glance: Yoordi test run
We are also making use of this challenging time to try out new things: at the end of April, we will start a test run with the innovative Yoordi ordering platform. This will give our guests the opportunity to choose from our range of food and drink options and securely order and pay on their smartphones from anywhere in the airport. They then simply collect their order from the outlet. The benefits are clear: the ordering and payment process is completely contactless and there are no waiting times for the guest. The test run with Yoordi is happening at Frankfurt Airport in GOODMAN & FILIPPO and MONDO Bianco. Due to the current situation, there will only be the option to order takeaway for the time being; the restaurant areas will be included as soon as they have reopened. Also our other restaurants e.g. in Düsseldorf at GOODMAN & FILIPPO and at the new BER Airport in east side berlin and DELI Berlin will join Yoordi after reopening.
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smartseller – Kooperation with Gebr. Heinemann
casualfood and Gebr. Heinemann have taken their long-standing cooperation to a new level by founding the 50/50 joint venture ‘smartseller’ back in January 2020. This joint venture has pooled the core expertise of both companies and created an attractive package for small and medium-sized airports. It offers an innovative combination of catering and retail – unique grab-and-go islands featuring duty-free goods and travel value products. As a result, airports with limited space can also create a more attractive experience for their guests during their stay. The smartseller cooperation was also provisionally put on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic, but things are slowly getting up and running again.
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What is so special about smartseller?
With the smartseller concept, we can individually and attractively design any space for the airport operators, whether large or small. In doing so, we choose from the entire duty-free portfolio of Gebr. Heinemann and also draw on casualfood’s various innovative catering brands. Equally special is the fact that everything goes through one single ERP system and the billing is done via one checkout. This makes the handling easier for everybody involved. 

What impact has the coronavirus pandemic had on setting up the joint venture?
Ever since the launch of the joint venture at Münster/Osnabrück Airport, we have spent virtually the entire time in lockdown. Following a brief opening phase in summer 2020, the airport was completely closed. As a result of this long standby phase, there has of course mainly been a delay in us adding the finishing touches from the lessons learned in the shops. We have just taken on our shop in Leipzig and we hope that we will now be able to slowly get it up and running. 

What happens next?
We are in the middle of preparations for the next smartseller location in a new terminal at Ljubljana Airport in Slovenia. Here we are taking the next logical step – the smartseller concept is being launched as a completely integrated shop system under its own brand name. Under the new brand, there is no distinction between the catering and duty-free products – the entire shop has been completely structured and designed to accommodate the shopping habits of the guests. And at the end, payment is made for the entire stay and all purchases via one checkout.
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