Great News for Travelers at Münster Osnabrück Airport

Great news for travelers at Münster Osnabrück Airport—smartseller has completely redesigned its duty free, food service, and convenience space. The different elements are now combined together in an open, integrated concept. The space was officially opened today under the name all yours in the presence of airport and smartseller representatives.

It covers an area of approximately 600 square meters and is located directly after the security checkpoint. Following the redesign, visitors can now enjoy great views of the apron and the airport gates. The previously separate food service and duty-free areas have been removed to create a single, combined space. As part of this, passenger flow has been adapted so that travelers will walk by the new location.

smartseller, a joint venture established between Gebr. Heinemann and the travel food service chain casualfood in 2020, offers added value to small and medium-sized regional airports by combining travel retail, food & beverage, and convenience. Now, following the success of the first shop in Ljubljana (Slovenia), the second all yours shop, designed and run by smartseller, is opening in Münster/Osnabrück, where duty free, food service, and convenience spaces will be combined in a single area.

Significantly Expanded Services all yours offers travelers a completely new local produce area, in which more than 30 typical products from the Westphalian region are presented. The selection of sunglasses and jewelry has been extended. Similarly, the range of spirits, confectionery goods, and books and magazines has been significantly expanded, along with the travel essentials and convenience area. There is also an extensive food service, including salads and hot dishes such as burgers, pasta, and pinsa.

all yours is divided into four areas: YOUR SPA (relaxation and refreshment), YOUR STUDIO (layovers), YOUR KITCHEN (food), and YOUR MÜNSTERLAND (local products).

On the occasion of the opening, smartseller Managing Director Karl Niendorf remarked: “Thanks to our strong partnership with the airport, we have been able to set up our all yours concept right in the heart of the airport. The combination of an integrated offering, central location, and unique views makes this far more attractive for travelers.”

Professor Rainer Schwarz, Managing Director of Münster Osnabrück Airport, adds: “The innovative concept of all yours, which seamlessly combines retail and food service, is one of the highlights at our airport. We are proud to have completed this future-oriented project together with smartseller and are convinced that it will be very popular among passengers.”