east side berlin

east side berlin brings a flavour of Berlin to the airport. Original images from the East Side Gallery and countless details in the fittings bring the history surrounding the Berlin Wall to life and create a unique atmosphere which blends art with cuisine. The menu contains classic dishes from East and West, inviting both locals and tourists to enjoy one last authentic taste of Berlin before take-off, from hearty meatballs to freshly cooked mini pancakes with apple purée.


Berlin on a plate:
local cuisine from classics such as knuckle of pork, meatballs and potato salad to East German specialities like Grilletta burgers, Solyanka soup and Spreewald gherkins, and even current favourites like avocado toast with egg. Authentic Berlin cuisine to take away or eat in.


  • Terminal 1, Floor 1, Gate A06, Main Pier Süd

4:30 am bis 9:00 pm (can variegate)