We are one of the top players in German travel catering!

It all began in 2005. With the first casualfood snack cart behind the security controls at Frankfurt Airport. A groundbreaking precision landing.

Since then, the two casualfood creators Stefan Weber and Michael Weigel have been developing innovative brand concepts for travel catering. These are made alive 100 % single-handedly at casualfood – from marketing to logistics to architecture.
Every single concept is geared to the needs of travellers and tailor-made for the requirements of the different locations. As an owner-managed company, casualfood has just the right size, convinces with freshness as well as dynamism and can realize adequate, high-selling solutions in a quick and flexible way. A formula for success that works: Today, casualfood is represented at 10 locations (Airports and stations) with more than 700 employees and in 57 shops with 11 different catering concepts. And we keep growing.


    After a detailed analysis of the location, the requirements and the target group, casualfood defines the strategic focus for the brand creation.


    Our creative team develops tailor-made, attractive and effective brands as well as the corresponding appearance. From the logo to the design of the menus.
    Our team of architects works hand in hand with our design office. The conception of space, materials, light and sound design harmoniously flow together with the interdisciplinary influences from graphics and design to an elaborate overall concept for all senses.


    Our qualified and well-educated operations team makes sure that the brand concepts are put into practice. With the help of a sophisticated ERP system, innovative POS systems, a well-developed storage and logistics plan as well as strong on- and offline promotional measures, our employees ensure that everything works smoothly every day.

It is more important than ever to protect our planet, because we only have this one. This makes it all the more crucial that we as a company send a clear signal and take our customers with us on our journey towards greater sustainability.

Protect Our Planet – POP is the new sustainability brand at casualfood, and we are totally committed to this motto. It’s the central green theme running through our entire branding.

In advertising, campaigns, communication and our sustainability report. As such, we only have one packaging range for all casualfood brands, instead of producing an individual range for each brand. We use our POP packaging ONE FOR ALL, which is produced in a CO2-friendly way and 100% plastic-free!

POP is proving that, even in the food delivery sector, it’s possible to drive change and shape our future for the better.

Let’s do it together,
let’s Protect Our Planet!

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Systematic logistics

In respect of logistics and ERP, everything goes like clockwork at our company. Our modern ERP and ordering system supports the daily ordering process. In our own production kitchens, everything is freshly produced on demand. The goods are delivered by our long-time partners on a daily basis.


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